Gas engine oil

Gas engine oil

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Main properties of industrial special oil gas engine oil:
Industrial special oil gas engine oil is specially designed for CNG and LPG engines. It adopts new low ash cleaning additive to effectively solve the lubrication problem caused by gas and the wear of the machine parts. It provides special anti-wear for the engine valve train. protection.
Low ash, effectively prevent spark plug blockage, pre-ignition, valve deposit, wear and sticking ring; excellent high temperature lubricity and clean dispersion, avoid black sludge formation, keep engine parts clean;
Excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance and abrasion resistance, effectively reducing valve system wear and engine wear caused by gas mills;
Excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability, the oil has a long oil change period;
Excellent high and low temperature performance, ensuring effective lubrication and low volatility of environmentally friendly engine oil.
Industrial special oil gas engine oil main use:
Applicable to all types of single engine fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and lubricated with CNG/gasoline or LPG/gasoline dual fuel engines, such as Cummins, Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar 3516, Daoyi Lut Debutz TBG 620, Dongfeng, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai and other publicly produced gas engines are lubricated.
Industrial special oil gas engine oil implementation standards:
S11/CF-4 of GB11121-2006. Viscosity grade: 10W -30, 10W -40, 15W -40, 20W-50