Diesel engine oil CH-4

Diesel engine oil CH-4

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Mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4 main performance:
The mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4 has outstanding high-temperature detergency and low-temperature dispersibility, can inhibit the formation of carbon deposits, paint film and sludge, or remove these deposits, keep the parts of the internal combustion engine clean; have excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance High thermal stability, high shear stability; excellent lubricity and abrasion resistance; excellent viscosity-temperature performance and low-temperature pumpability, maintaining proper viscosity under high temperature and high shear, both It meets the requirements of low temperature startability and low temperature pumpability; it has excellent anti-foaming performance; it has low volatilization loss and longer oil change period, which can effectively control soot. The quality is further improved than the CF-4 grade oil. The mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4 is specially modulated for Yuchai engine. It is also suitable for various imported and domestic large-scale heavy-duty diesel engine vehicles and diesel engines of various construction machinery and heavy-duty vehicles such as Cummins, Steyr and Isuzu. Heavy-duty vehicles such as Dachai, Chaochai and Xichai.

Mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4 Features:
1. Excellent high temperature detergency and keep the engine clean.
2, good oxidation stability and thermal stability, effectively control oil viscosity growth and piston deposit formation.
3, excellent wear resistance, prevent wear and tear of the machine parts, extend the service life, extremely low volatility, effectively reduce the oil consumption, high alkalinity, good acid neutralization ability, and provide more durable protection for the engine.
Main purpose of mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4:
Suitable for high speed, heavy duty four-stroke diesel engines and diesel engines requiring API CH-4, CF-4 grade oils. It is possible to use diesel fuel containing not more than 0.5% sulfur.
Mechanical special oil diesel engine oil CH-4 implementation standards:
CH-4 of GB11122-2006. Viscosity grades are 30, 40, 50, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-30, 15W-40, 15W-50, 20W-40, 20W-50.