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What are the classifications of Zhuoli lubricants?
- 2018-09-28-

Zhuoli lubricants are widely used in liquid lubricants for mechanical equipment. What is the classification of Shanghai Zhuolili Lubricating Company lubricants?

Zhuoli Oil Company Automotive Oil

Gasoline engine oil: SE turbine oil | SG turbine oil | SJ turbine oil | SL turbine oil

Diesel engine oil: CD diesel engine oil CF-4 diesel engine oil | CH-4 diesel engine oil

General purpose internal combustion engine oil: SF/CC engine oil | SG/CF-4 engine oil | gas engine oil

Gear oil for vehicles: GL-4 vehicle gear oil | GL-5 vehicle gear oil

Other: ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) | Automotive Shock Absorber Oil | Wheel Grease | Universal Joint Grease

Zhuoli Oil Company Industrial Oil

Hydraulic oil: anti-wear hydraulic oil | hydraulic transmission oil | ash-free anti-wear hydraulic oil | anti-combustion hydraulic oil

Gear oil: common industrial gear oil | synthetic gear oil | heavy duty industrial gear oil | extreme pressure gear oil | open gear oil | medium load industrial gear oil | worm gear oil

Compressor oil: screw compressor oil | reciprocating compressor oil | rotary compressor oil

Turbine Oil: Anti-Ammonia Turbine Oil | Rust-proof Turbine Oil

Other: Freezer oil | Pump oil | Transformer oil

Zhuoli Oil Company Grease

Calcium base grease | Universal lithium base grease | Extreme pressure lithium base grease | Lithium base grease | Plastic gear grease | Gear grease | Urea lipid | Molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease | Molybdenum disulfide lithium complex grease | Extreme pressure lithium complex Base grease | Bearing grease | Wire rope grease | Thread sealant | High speed bearing grease | High and low temperature grease | Sealing grease | Damping grease | Low noise grease |

Zhuoli Oil Company Metal Processing

Rolling Fluid | Rolling Oil | Stamping Oil | Pulling Oil | Cutting Oil | Broaching Oil | Drawing Oil | Grinding Fluid | Drilling Oil | Honing Oil | Tempering Oil | Release Agent | EDM | Ordinary Quenching Oil | Quick quenching oil | vacuum quenching oil

Zhuoli lubricant company anti-rust oil

Antirust oil | gas phase rust inhibitor | replacement type antirust oil | solvent diluted antirust oil

Motorcycle oil

FC motorcycle oil | four-stroke motorcycle oil | motorcycle shock absorber oil

Zhuoli Oil Company Marine Oil

Marine cylinder oil | Marine medium speed engine oil | Marine system oil

Zhuoli lubricant company base oil

Group I base oils | Group II base oils | Group III base oils | Naphthenic oils | PAO | Diesters | Polyesters | Polyol esters | Methyl silicone oils |

Zhuoli Lubricant Company additive

Detergents | Dispersants | Extreme pressure anti-wear agents | Antioxidants | Stickers | Rust inhibitors | Pour point depressants | Antifoaming agents | Emulsifiers | Metal deactivators | Diesel oil complexes | Industrial Gear Oil Compound | ATF Compound | Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Reagent | Turbine Oil Reagent | Antirust Composite

Zhuoli Lubricant Company Other lubricants

Full loss oil | Bearing oil | Oil film bearing oil | Heat transfer oil | Mechanical oil | Cylinder oil | Spindle oil | Rail oil | Circulating oil | Paper machine oil | High temperature chain oil | Rubber filling oil | Knitting machine oil |

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