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Aerospace Zhuoli - car diesel will increase substantially
- 2018-09-29-

Aerospace Zhuoli recently got news. The news of oil price adjustment was confirmed at the press conference held by the National Development and Reform Commission. It was decided to increase the average price of gasoline and diesel by 300 yuan per ton from 0:00 on September 2, and calculate the retail price of No. 90 gasoline and No. 0 diesel (national average) rose by 0.22 yuan and 0.26 yuan per liter respectively. Among them, No. 93 gasoline in Beijing rose by 0.24 yuan per liter.

Aerospace Zhuoli feels that the oil price adjustment arrow adjusts the amplitude on the string to take care of the overall situation.

On August 27th, just after people thought that the NDRC window has arrived, the next day the oil price will be raised, the NDRC will issue a notice requesting local governments to effectively strengthen the price supervision of residents' daily necessities. Since the determination of the price of refined oil and the fluctuation of the price of other commodities are closely related, this notice of the National Development and Reform Commission seems to give people a reassurance, that is, to ensure the social harmony and price stability of the 60th anniversary of the National Day, the recent oil price will not have The possibility of fluctuations.

Aerospace Zhuoli pointed out that although the media in the previous stage said that the pricing mechanism of refined oil products should be adjusted, the NDRC soon hanged a “clarification announcement” on the homepage of the website, clarifying that the current pricing mechanism for refined oil products is a measure that has been introduced after many years. It is a pricing system that takes into account various factors and costs of society and enterprises, so the pricing system will not be arbitrarily changed. In the past month, the fluctuation of international oil prices has far exceeded the red line of 4%. The average price increase has reached about 10% within 22 working days. Therefore, the rise in oil prices has become a matter of hard work. The NDRC is only choosing Window time to release news of rising oil prices.

Therefore, there is a certain contradiction in stabilizing oil prices to ensure price stability during the National Day and to alleviate the cost pressure of domestic petrochemical enterprises and to maintain the seriousness of the domestic oil price pricing mechanism. This is why the relevant person in charge of the NDRC has the following Reason for explanation: The new mechanism is not to be adjusted on the "22" working day. The timing and scope of the adjustment will fully take into account various factors, especially the current national economy is in a critical period of stabilization and recovery. The frequency and magnitude of the price adjustment will not be too fast, so it is not surprising that the NDRC will adjust the oil price today, not August 26. In addition, Aerospace Zhuoli feels that if the pricing mechanism of the current oil price adjustment is fully adopted, oil prices may occur. The problem of large-scale refueling before adjustment has caused excessive pressure on the base station.