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How to choose the right lubricant for yourself
- 2018-09-27-

There are many types of lubricants on the market today. How do we choose to choose the lubricants that are suitable for our own industry? Below, please ask Shanghai Zhuoli Luluene Co., Ltd. to explain how to choose the lubricant that suits your industry.
We should consider the choice of which viscosity to lubricate. The viscosity of the choice of lubricant depends on the working environment of the engine. Usually, the main considerations are:
1. Load: The working load is large and should be used with high viscosity. Technological advances in the field of lubricant additives have greatly improved the viscosity-temperature characteristics of lubricating oils, resulting in a complex viscosity lubricant such as Hermes Synthetic Lubricant 5W-50, which exhibits flow properties at low temperatures of minus 30 ° C. Still very good, the viscosity will not decrease too much at high temperatures, ensuring sufficient oil film strength.
2, temperature: often high temperature conditions, should choose high viscosity; often at low temperature conditions, should choose low viscosity.
Second, you should also consider what grade of lubricant to choose.
At present, in the developed areas of the West, SESF-grade lubricants have basically stopped production and use, and for many reasons, low-grade lubricants in some areas are still popular. This is actually an important reason why our car has a short life span and high maintenance costs. Therefore, when we recommend the level of lubricating oil, it is a higher level than the current domestic use of lubricating oil. The purpose of this is to hope that the majority of drivers and friends can use the lubricating oil correctly, thus curing your car and improving the use of the car. Life and save on maintenance costs.
Now, we choose a representative car to illustrate the choice of lubricant grade: mini vans can choose SG grade; Santana can choose SJ grade and above; Honda can choose SL grade and above; Ford should choose world SN level.
However, cars with the following conditions should be upgraded by one or two levels:
1. Driving in the city, due to frequent traffic jams, stop and stop, the engine operating temperature is unstable, easy to deposit carbon, accelerate wear (70% of engine wear occurs in the starting phase);
2, rapid driving, the engine speed is required to pull up quickly, the switching gear frequency is fast, and the resistance changes of the machine parts are contested;
3, long-distance high-speed driving, the engine is in a high temperature state for a long time;
4, high-load driving such as car loading, truck overload, then the engine should inhale more oil and gas to run, slow driving speed, heat is not good, the general engine oil will lead to deterioration and deterioration.