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Mechanical special oil - what is industrial gear oil?
- 2018-09-29-

Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. has a wide range of industrial gear lubricants. There are many types of base oils, such as pure mineral oil, PAO polysulfide synthetic oil, polyether synthetic oil, alkyl benzene oil, Biodegradable lipid oil. When they become an industrial lubricating oil, they cannot be mixed with each other. For example, when the polyether synthetic oil is mixed with other industrial oils, the performance is remarkably lowered.

    The users of mechanical special oils are enterprises of all walks of life. Generally, the varieties used and the amount used are not only dependent on the price of the products, but also depend on the quality and technical characteristics of the products, and depend on the quality of the technical services. Therefore, technical marketing of industrial lubricants is more important. Industrial lubricants have different additives in different applications. Hydraulic oil for outdoor use should be suitable for local temperature changes, and hydraulic oil in a closed environment cannot be used. In addition, heavy-duty gear oils and molding oils use different conditions. Heavy-duty gear oils contain extreme pressure additives to ensure they can be used in harsh environments. Forming oils, usually pure mineral oils, contain no additives. Enterprises that use mechanical oils are relatively concentrated in the configuration of machinery and equipment, so targeted and targeted technical exchanges are more necessary. This is also the main form of pre-sales technical services.

    The basic performance and main selection principle of the mechanical special oil of Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. is viscosity, so it must be introduced first. GB/T3141-94 is the ISO viscosity classification of industrial liquid lubricants , equivalent to the international standard ISO3448-1992 "Industrial liquid lubricants - ISO viscosity classification". Generally speaking, medium-viscosity lubricating oil is used under the conditions of medium speed, medium load and low temperature ; in high load, low speed and high temperature, high viscosity lubricating oil or extreme pressure resistance is added. Grinding oil ; low-viscosity lubricating oil under low load, high speed and low temperature ; synthetic lubrication in wide and low temperature range, light load and high speed, and other special requirements The basic properties of the oil grease and the main selection principle are the penetration degree, and the degree of grease consistency is divided by the penetration degree. Therefore, it should also be introduced to the user. Cone penetration is an indicator of the control work consistency commonly used for various greases. It is used to indicate the performance of the grease entering the friction point and the hardness and hardness of the grease. J Generally speaking, when a bearing using mechanical oil is subjected to a large load and a low rotation speed, a grease having a small penetration degree should be used. On the contrary, when the load is small and the rotation speed is high, it is necessary to use a grease with a large penetration. Synthetic grease should be used in wide and low temperature range, light load, high speed and low temperature, and other special requirements.