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Zhuoli lubricants teach you how to save fuel
- 2018-09-29-

Zhuoli lubricants said that because of the upward adjustment of oil prices, how to maintain and maintain cars can save more fuel and save unnecessary expenses? Zhuoli lubricants remind everyone that regular car maintenance is very important. If the tire is deflated, the spark plug is worn, and the air filter is fouled, it will cause gasoline loss. In addition, keep the engine for a long time, the trick is to choose the slippery oil and carbon removal.

1. Zhuoli lubricants - regular maintenance, replacement parts

Air filters, gasoline filters, oil filters, etc. need to be replaced every 5,000 km or more, because air filter blockage will cause a decrease in gas volume, resulting in insufficient gasoline combustion and reduced fuel efficiency.

2. Zhuoli lubricants - pay attention to check the tire system

Insufficient air pressure will increase the friction between the tire and the ground, increasing fuel consumption, so always check the tire pressure, different models and tires have different air pressure standards. In addition, if the tire is severely worn, it will slip and increase the fuel consumption, and if necessary, replace the tire.

3: Zhuoli lubricants - high speed does not necessarily cost oil

Many people feel that it is very expensive to accelerate or brake hard. This is not the case. It depends on different road conditions. When the road is in good condition, it should be accelerated as soon as possible to get into the constant speed as soon as possible.

4: Zhuoli lubricants - do not need to be repaired too often

According to years of experience, Zhuoli lubricants will not have too many hidden dangers as long as the car can continue to travel smoothly. Do not affect the driving problem, do not need to easily repair or replace the accessories, otherwise, once you go to the repair station for a small problem to repair, you may have a home with the repair station. Unless the car has aged to the time of repair and maintenance.

5: Zhuoli lubricants - lighten the load

Try to minimize the unused items in the trunk.

6: Zhuoli lubricants - pay attention to frequently check the brake system

Some cars will have a slight drag brake, including the hand brake, which equals the load on the car when driving, which will increase the fuel consumption, so check it regularly.