Marine system oil

Marine system oil

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The main performance of Zhuoli lubricant company marine system oil:
Zhuoli Oil Company's marine system oil is based on deep refined paraffin-based mineral oil and is prepared by adding high-efficiency compound additives. It has excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, reduces the oxidation rate of oil, and effectively prevents high temperature deposition. The formation of objects, extending the use of time;
Excellent clean dispersibility; excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, with a certain alkaline, can neutralize acidic substances, effectively reduce corrosion and wear of friction pairs in the crankcase; excellent wear resistance: at high temperature and Under high pressure, it has enough oil film strength to reduce friction and wear; good water resistance, easy to separate from water without emulsification, and ensure stable operation of the equipment.
Zhuoli Oil Company Marine System Oil Advantages:
1. Effectively reduce corrosion and wear of friction pairs in the crankcase

2, effectively protect the engine and crankcase, extend the life of the engine

3, under high temperature and high pressure to ensure sufficient oil film strength, reduce friction and wear

4, excellent high temperature detergency and low temperature dispersion performance to effectively control the production of sludge and carbon deposits

Zhuo Li Lubricant Company's main use of marine system oil:
It is suitable for the lubrication of the crankcase of marine low-speed crosshead two-stroke diesel engine and the lubrication of medium-speed cylindrical piston diesel engine with less than 0.5% sulfur content and moderate working conditions.
Zhuoli Oil Company Marine System Oil Execution Standard:
JT/T375.3-1998. According to the 100C kinematic viscosity and total shouting value, it is divided into two grades of 3008 and 4008.