Marine cylinder oil

Marine cylinder oil

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Main performance of lubricating oil series marine cylinder oil:
Lubricating oil series Marine cylinder oil is made of deep refined paraffin-based mineral oil as base oil and added with high-efficiency compound additive. It has excellent clean dispersibility and can effectively slow down and remove deposits on cylinders and pistons to ensure engine combustion. Indoor cleaning; excellent thermal oxidation stability, can effectively prevent the formation of high temperature deposits; excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance; excellent acid neutralization performance, can effectively neutralize the acidic substances produced by inferior fuel combustion, effectively reduce Corrosion and wear of cylinders and pistons; excellent diffusion performance, can quickly reach the cylinder surface, form oil film, effectively reduce friction and wear; excellent wear resistance, ensure sufficient oil film strength under high temperature and high pressure, prevent scraper and piston The ring and the cylinder sleeve generate a card bite, reduce the friction and wear of the metal parts, prolong the service life of the engine components, and have excellent viscosity-temperature performance to meet the lubrication requirements of the engine with higher pressure and higher temperature.
Lubricating oil series Marine cylinder oil main use:
It is suitable for lubrication between piston and cylinder liner of marine low speed crosshead two-stroke diesel engine.
Lubricating oil series marine cylinder oil implementation standards:
JT/T375.1-1998. According to the 100'C kinematic viscosity and total base number, it is divided into four grades of 5010, 5040, 5060 and 5070. Generally, the fuel oil sulfur content is less than 1.0%, 5010 cylinder oil is used, the fuel oil sulfur content is 1.0% -2.0%, 5040 cylinder oil is selected, and the fuel oil sulfur content is about 2.0% -2.5%, and TBN60 cylinder oil is selected. The sulphur content is about 2.5% -3.5% and 5070 cylinder oil is used.