Industrial special oil ranks first in C-BPI industry for 8 consecutive years
- 2018-09-29-

Industrial special oil has been in the C-BPI industry for 8 consecutive years . This is not an isolated case of the brand. Brands such as Gree, Haier, Galanz and Midea have also completed the gorgeous Grand Slam. In 2018 , 159 categories of C-BPI dropped one brand, 70% were obtained by Chinese brands, reaching a historical high value of 8 years of monitoring. This means that not only is the gap between Chinese and international brands narrowing, but in many areas Chinese brands already have international brands.

     The direct evidence is sales. In the lubricant industry, industrial special oil has been sold for more than a decade, and both oil and oil are leading international brands. In other industries such as home appliances, smart phones, and computers, Gree, Huawei, and Lenovo are also the emperors of sales.


     At present, Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. industrial special oil has the customer service center of the industry, there are 4 research institutes and 12 production bases, as well as a nationwide service network, which is difficult for other brands to match. Industrial special oil is based on customer satisfaction, relying on the advantages of production and service layout, establishing a unique model of technology + service, in-depth understanding of customer needs and equipment needs, providing comprehensive lubrication solutions to create lubrication value for customers, this pair The effect of improving customer satisfaction is outstanding.

       C-BPI is the benchmark of the Chinese brand in the industry. Many of them are the benchmarks for Chinese brands to expand their territory in overseas markets. Apart from Huawei and Gree, industrial oils are also one of them. They form the overseas leg of Chinese brands. .

          Whether it is the domestic market or the international market, technology and products are the basic competitive parts. The gap between technology and products is relatively easy to solve. The hard part is the service level and capability, and the service is directly related to customer satisfaction. Many Chinese companies are smashed in the international market, not in the lack of technology and products, but in the lack of relevant supporting services. Compared with the layout of international companies for more than half a century, Chinese companies have a short time to enter the international market, and there is still a gap in providing international standard services for overseas customers.

     The Chinese brand expedition overseas to build China's brand legion, the service is a difficult problem, and the establishment of a service system is a must for Chinese companies overseas. The same is true for Great Wall lubrication. Since the opening of international business in 2005 , up to now, industrial lubricants investment has established a Singapore factory, with service outlets in more than 60 regions and more than 20 major ports around the world, and initially established a global production and service system that has been able to meet Customer service requirements for international standards. And driven by the Belt and Road, industrial special oil has plans to establish more factories and service outlets in Africa and Europe, weaving a service network covering the Belt and Road.


     Compared with the industries in which brands such as Huawei, Gree and Lenovo are located, industrial-specific oils are low-perceive, low-contrast categories. How to manage a good brand and even become an ideal brand in the industry is facing more challenges. In the market of international brands, the industrial special oil has been ranked C-BPI for eight years , and it has appeared in the international market. The secret is no, only the customer satisfaction. At present, China is promoting the development of Chinese products to Chinese brands. Shanghai Zhuoli Lubrication Co., Ltd. is committed to building a good brand, and the work of industrial special oil is worth learning.