What is the role of industrial special oil?
- 2018-09-29-

The term industrial oil is not unfamiliar, but what role it may have is that a large part of people are unclear. Next, please Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. to introduce us to the role of industrial special oil ?

1 . Industrial special oil can reduce friction and anti-wear, reduce frictional resistance to save energy, reduce wear and tear to prolong mechanical life and improve economic efficiency;  

2 . Cooling, requiring the friction heat to be discharged outside the machine at any time;

3 . Sealed, required to prevent leakage, dust, anti-mite;

4 . Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, it is required to protect the friction surface from oil deterioration or external erosion;

5 . Clean and rinse, it is required to clean the friction area scale;

6 . Stress dispersion buffer, disperse load and mitigate shock and shock absorption;

7 . Kinetic energy transfer, hydraulic system and remote control motor and friction stepless speed change.

Industrial special oils act as a lubricant. When the engine is running, if some friction parts are not properly lubricated, dry friction will occur. Practice has proved that the heat generated by dry friction in a short period of time is enough to melt the metal, causing damage or even jamming of the parts ( many of the leaking or leaking cars have problems such as pulling the cylinder and holding the shaft, the main reason is this ) . Therefore, it is necessary to give good lubrication to the friction parts in the engine. When the industrial special oil flows to the friction part, it will adhere to the friction surface to form an oil film, which reduces the resistance between the friction parts, and the strength and toughness of the oil film is the key to exert its lubricating effect.