Focus on the chemical industry, the special oil is the blood of the vehicle.
- 2018-10-08-

If a car does not have industrial oil , it must not operate. In the operation of the vehicle, it can be said that the industrial special oil is the blood of a vehicle. In addition to increasing the life of key components such as the engine, it can also reduce the probability of vehicle failure and reduce fuel consumption. If used improperly, it may reduce the life of the vehicle, resulting in increased fuel consumption and even causing vehicle failure. The importance of industrial special oil can be seen. Chemicals has seen the advantages of this product, resolutely invested in the R&D and production of the lubricant industry, and quickly formed an industry advantage. The series of lubricants produced by the chemical industry are gradually forming their own brand advantages; the chemical series independently developed by the chemical industry currently includes There are more than 40 varieties of vehicle oil, industrial special oil and special oil, and more than 100 grades, which have won a lot of customers' favor in the market. Complete production line with an annual output of 60,000 tons

A fully loaded tanker drove into the plant area, and the industrial special oil was parked in the vicinity of the base oil raw material tank. The staff who had been waiting for a long time had used the unloading pump to transfer the base oil just purchased from the tanker to the raw material. Stored in cans. Then, according to the "Reconciliation Process Card", the professional technicians will quantitatively pump the various types of base oil to the blending tank, open the blending tank, stir the steam, add the catalyst, and after sampling and analysis, pour into the finished tank. The order requires that the refined oil be packaged into a finished drum or tanker. In order to improve the labor productivity of lubricants, the chemical industry has continuously increased capital investment, introduced new filling equipment, promoted the quality of lubricating oil filling, reduced labor costs and improved work efficiency.

Chemicals pays attention to technology, attaches importance to talents, meets market demand, develops marketable products, continuously adjusts product structure, has many sets of advanced lubricant production equipment and fully automatic blending and packaging production lines, and has complete testing instruments. The annual production capacity can reach more than 60,000 tons. The company's self-developed lubricant series products currently include automotive lubricants, industrial special oils, greases, vehicle maintenance products, automotive urea solutions, etc. With the continuous development of the market, it is necessary to increase some applicability and quality. A higher, more vital breed. The company's lubricant production line has strong supply guarantee capability, complete processing means and advanced testing methods. It has high level of blending technology and testing methods in Jiaodong area, and has a relatively complete domestic lubricant analysis and testing center. Lubricating oil is based on scientific and technological innovation, with service users as the core, open, inclusive and win-win concept, adhering to the Group's " people-oriented" The corporate philosophy of sustainable development provides users with timely and perfect services to create a better future anytime and anywhere.

Developed with high specifications and developed series of lubricants   In order to obtain long-term advantages, products must be close to the market and close to customers. Industrial special oils need to continuously carry out technological innovation and realize products leading the county. Technological innovation must first have a strategic vision. The chemical industry has special blending technology in high-end lubricant products such as robot special oil, high-pressure long-life diesel engine oil, high-sulfur gas oil, etc. Although the current market sales of these products are not obvious, but with the further development of the lubricant market Development, the prospects of these high-end products are very promising. To be innovative, you have to invest in research and development. This year, Chemicals officially registered a quality testing company dedicated to oil testing and oil product research and development, further strengthening its research and development capabilities. At the same time, it will further strengthen the close cooperation with original equipment manufacturers, customers and domestic research institutions to develop lubricant products that meet the requirements of new technical specifications and ensure the leadership of the products.

In terms of technological innovation, the chemical industry actively carried out patent declaration work. In the first half of 2017 alone, the chemical industry has submitted 5 patent applications , including 4 practical patents and 1 invention patent . Formulating new corporate standards, starting in the second half of 2016 , the chemical industry began to develop a lubricant enterprise standard that is superior to the standard. At present, 12 corporate standards have been filed . Actively develop new products, and are currently organizing research and development of special lubricants such as transformer oil and brake oil, mastering core technologies and enhancing industry competitiveness.

Industrial special oil aims to provide high-quality full-service, deepen brand building, with " gold quality, honesty and trustworthiness, dedication " as the core values, jointly promote constant creation and help the Chinese dream.