How to use industrial oil for lossy parts
- 2018-10-08-

Shanghai Zhuoli industrial oil core tips: usually when you go to do vehicle maintenance, generally only concerned about the loss of oil, at least ask the machine filter is not necessary to change, high temperature summer may ask if you need to replace Air conditioning filter. In fact, there are a lot of wearing parts on the car. Today, Shanghai Zhuoli Luluene Co., Ltd. tells you about the parts that are easy to ignore in the maintenance of industrial oil vehicles.

Easy to ignore part 1: steering rod

The steering rod must be carefully checked during maintenance. If the steering rod is loose, it may cause serious consequences. The method of inspection is to pull the lever and then use force to see if it is easier to shake. If it is shaking, you need to replace the ball or the lever assembly.

Easy to ignore part 2: spark plug

The service life of spark plugs is long and short, ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 km. If there is a problem with the spark plug, it will affect the working condition of the engine, so we need to check regularly whether the spark plug needs to be replaced.

Easy to ignore part three: shock absorber

If the seal has oil leakage, the shock absorber may have a problem. If there is a problem with the shock absorber, the braking distance will become longer and the ride comfort will be worse.

Easy to ignore part four: wheel bearing

The inspection method is very simple. Raise the vehicle and release the handbrake. Turn the wheel in turn by hand to hear if there is any abnormal noise. If it does not mean everything is normal.

Easy to ignore part five: exhaust pipe

If you often support the bottom, you must look at the loss of the exhaust pipe during maintenance. The owner of the exhaust should pay more attention to the loss of the exhaust pipe.

Shanghai Zhuoli Industrial Oil reminds us that when doing vehicle maintenance, we should not only pay attention to the loss of oil and machine filter, but also pay attention to the loss of some other wearing parts, so that your car can maintain a good Work status to ensure safe driving.