Why do excavators use special oil for excavators?
- 2018-09-29-

1. Can the special oil for excavators be replaced by ordinary car lubricants?

According to the market, many excavator owners and users apply ordinary car lubricants directly to excavators. This is a very unutilized machine maintenance. So what kind of lubricant is right?

Second, excavator special oil , solve 4 major problems

High sulfur content fuel (requires a high base value formula to prevent corrosion of the engine by the acid produced by high sulfur fuel combustion)

Harsh environment, especially dust (requires superior clean dispersion, control of sludge caused by soot and dust)

Poor working conditions, slow heavy load, long-term operation (requires good heavy-duty anti-wear performance, reduce engine component wear)

Poor maintenance conditions (requires superior wear, oxidation and sludge resistance, extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs)

Regardless of the use environment or load changes, excavator-specific oils have higher requirements than ordinary road transport vehicle lubricants. Improper use of oil has a great impact on the efficiency and service life of mechanical equipment. Shanghai Zhuoli Lubrication Co., Ltd. has done a lot of research on excavator special oil. According to the structural characteristics, working conditions and environment of the excavator, special oil for excavator has been specially developed for customers.

Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. special oil for excavators , especially using high alkali value and heavy load formula, to meet the requirements of different types of construction machinery, and to ensure the normal operation of the excavator.

Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. special oil for excavator uses high quality and high alkali value formula to effectively neutralize acid substances and prolong the service life of oil.

In excavator engines, due to the unstable quality of diesel purchased in the field, diesel has a high sulfur content, and the combustion produces more acidic substances than road vehicles, which may cause corrosion of engine components. Maintenance is difficult, so engineering machinery engine oils are required to have a good base value reserve, which can neutralize the acid generated by combustion throughout the maintenance cycle.

Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. excavator special oil high-quality heavy-duty formula provides excellent cleaning and anti-wear performance to ensure good lubrication protection.

The special oil change period of the excavator is generally about 250 hours, which is equivalent to 20,000 kilometers of the car, which is about 3 times of the oil change period required by the car. At the same time, because the engine is in the low speed and high load condition for a long time, the sludge and carbon deposit are high. For ordinary engines, excavator engine oils are required to have good cleaning and anti-wear properties, which can effectively protect the engine throughout the oil change cycle.