Interpretation of the service of engineering special oil
- 2018-09-29-

Shanghai Zhuolili Lubrication Co., Ltd. has advanced formula system and fully automated production system. Its pre-sales perfect engineer system and its own R&D laboratory can be customized according to the diversified lubrication needs of different customers. With a comprehensive after-sales service system, we guarantee one-stop service from production, sales and service, helping customers to reduce equipment failures, reduce equipment maintenance expenses, improve equipment operation efficiency, reduce equipment parts replacement, and reduce engineering oil consumption. And waste, environmental protection and other requirements.

    Air compressor lubrication is an area of ​​strength in providing a variety of efficient and reliable solutions. Engineered oils are experts in air compressor lubrication and are designed to provide users with a variety of value-added services, including comprehensive air compressor lubrication solutions. , a full range of air lubrication products, oil monitoring and testing services, oil sample analysis, oil replacement program and oil change guidance, oil application training, Compressor failure analysis and solution.

    As the core component of power transmission and transmission of industrial equipment, engineering special oil directly affects the operation safety, production efficiency and energy saving performance of the power transmission system, thus affecting the overall competitiveness of the enterprise. It has unique technical advantages in enhancing equipment reliability and helping users to achieve cost reduction and efficiency. With 24 patents (including 11 invention patents ) as the core, it ensures that its advanced lubricant technology meets the lubrication needs of today and tomorrow.

    The demand for engineering special oil is constantly improving. In the past, as long as there is lubrication function, it can meet the demand. In the medium term, how to use the lubricating oil properly; now, not only must it have lubrication function, but also meet high quality, long oil change interval and low integration. Cost and other requirements. " As we all know, the longer the oil consumption time, the smaller the workload of the maintenance team. This is the larger lubrication requirement of the new generation of engineers, which can meet the requirements of long-term low cost.

    With the continuous release of dividends and the reform of the supply-side reform, the engineering special oil will keep up with the domestic industrial development trend, continue to exert efforts in green environmental protection, achieve energy-saving effects by extending the oil change cycle of products, and transmit green power to meet hydraulic pressure. The lubrication requirements of power transmission systems such as air compressors, gears and bearings will help Made in China 2025” and accelerate the pace of sustainable development. For some special conditions, the lubrication demand is focused on the use of high technology to reduce the overall cost of its use. In Fan Minghui's view, this is another form of economic development.

    It is worth mentioning that in the lubrication of food processing machinery, there are also outstanding achievements. Its food-grade oil products can effectively meet the complex lubrication requirements of various equipments in the food, beverage processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics production industries, etc. Gearboxes, guides, chains, bearings, molds, air lines, air compressors, refrigeration compressors, vacuum pumps, heating furnaces and other equipment provide efficient lubrication protection, extend mechanical life and reduce operating and maintenance costs. The full range of food grade lubricants have been certified by NSF for food safety, which not only reduces safety risks, but also outperforms traditional engineering oils in critical applications.

    Compared with the growth potential of the automotive lubricant market, there may be more room for excavation in the industrial lubricants market in China. According to Fan Minghui, engineering oils have a full range of products, which have been effectively fined according to market demand. In addition to the focus on deep-funding fluids, compressors, vacuum pumps, wind turbines, and food and pharmaceutical industries, power and mining as the traditional heavy industry are also the focus of attention. It is the starting point for service in the industry's difficult and doubtful points.

    Engineering special oil adheres to the quality of the first drop, the priority of benefits, and now has become the development consensus of each industrial enterprise, as an important member of the international petroleum industry, has been committed to providing users with efficient customer service and high-quality products. Taking advantage of the trend and doing more with less, the precise " user thinking " is not only a magic weapon to win, but also a powerful driving force for the market. In the future of engineering special oil, relying on the three developmental forces of quality, service and innovation, we will continue to move forward and achieve greater leap!

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