Knitting machine oil

Knitting machine oil

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Zhuoli's lubrication knitting machine oil overview:
Zhuoli Libricating Knitting Machine Oil is made from refined mineral oil as a base oil and blended with additives such as emulsifiers, lubricants, antioxidants, anti-wear agents and rust inhibitors through special processes. This product has been widely used in a variety of domestic and imported knitting machinery, such as large disc machine, high-speed large circular knitting machine, glove knitting machine and hosiery machine and other knitting machinery. Especially recommended for knit products that require water washing. This product can completely replace imported knitting machine oil.
The main performance of Zhuoli lubrication knitting machine oil:
It is prepared by adding highly refined mineral oil as base oil and adding high-efficiency compound additive. It has excellent lubrication, anti-wear and anti-rust properties, strong oil film retention ability and long service life. It can effectively protect the weaving machine and has less pollution to knitwear.
Zhuoli's main purpose of lubricating knitting machine oil:
Used for lubrication of various types of knitting machinery in the textile industry. Such as glove knitting machine, hosiery machine, circular knitting machine, large disc machine, high speed large disc machine knitting machine, etc.
Zhuoli's lubrication knitting machine oil execution standards:
L-HM of GB11118.1--2011. There are three viscosity grades of 32, 46 and 68.