Vacuum pump oil

Vacuum pump oil

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Engineering special oil vacuum pump oil principle:
The oil seal of the reciprocating vacuum pump adopts a skeleton oil seal, and its structure is relatively simple. It is generally divided into three parts: a seal body (butyl rubber), a reinforcing skeleton and a self-tightening coil spring. The sealing body is divided into a bottom portion, a waist portion, a cutting edge and a sealing lip according to different parts. Usually, the inner diameter of the oil seal is less than the shaft diameter in the free state, so that it has a certain "interference". Therefore, after the oil is encapsulated on the oil seal seat and the shaft, the pressure of the oil seal edge and the contraction force of the self-tightening coil spring generate a certain radial force on the shaft, and after a period of operation, the wear of the shaft and the oil seal lip The pressure quickly decreases or even disappears, but the oil seal can continue to be used due to the compensation of the force of the self-tightening coil spring.
Since there is an oil film controlled by the oil seal edge between the oil seal and the shaft, the oil film has fluid lubrication properties. Under the action of the surface tension of the liquid, the oil film contacts the air to form a "crescent". The leakage of the lubricating oil is prevented, thereby achieving the sealing of the rotating shaft. The sealing ability of the oil seal depends on the thickness of the oil film on the sealing surface. If the thickness is too large, the oil seal leaks; if the thickness is too small, dry friction is likely to occur, causing wear of the oil seal; if there is no oil film between the seal lip and the shaft, it causes heat and wear.
Main performance of engineering special oil vacuum pump oil:
Formulated with highly refined high viscosity index mineral oil as base oil and blended with various high-efficiency additives. It has excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability, excellent rust and corrosion resistance and emulsification resistance, and good foam resistance. ; has a low saturated vapor pressure to ensure sufficient ultimate vacuum.
Engineering special oil vacuum pump oil main use:
Suitable for reciprocating, drip rotary, fuel injection rotary and oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps.
Engineering special oil vacuum pump oil implementation standards:
SH/T0528-92 (1998). There are three viscosity grades of 46, 68 and 100, which are divided into one-grade products and qualified products.