Hydraulic transmission oil

Hydraulic transmission oil

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Lubricating oil series hydraulic transmission oil overview:

Hydraulic transmission oil, also known as automatic transmission oil (ATF) or automatic transmission oil, is used as a working medium in a vehicle automatic transmission composed of a torque converter, a fluid coupling and a mechanical transmission, and transmits energy by the kinetic energy of the liquid. The role.

Main performance of lubricating oil series hydraulic transmission oil:

1. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance ensure that the hydraulic transmission works normally within the temperature range of -40 to 170 °C .

2, good wear resistance, to ensure that the hydraulic transmission parts of different materials are not easy to be worn under the operating conditions.

3. Good thermal stability and oxidation stability for long-term recycling under working conditions of 70 to 140 °C (or even higher).

4, good low temperature fluidity, low freezing point, to adapt to the working conditions of the machine when the machine is open and winter running.

5. Good anti-foaming property, so that the foam produced by the oil under the working conditions of constant stirring of the machine is easy to disappear. So as not to reduce the efficiency of the torque converter, the shifting failure

Lubricating oil series hydraulic transmission oil main use:
No. 6 is applicable to hydraulic couplings and hydraulic torque converters for large vehicles such as railway diesel locomotives and trucks, and hydraulic transmission systems for engineering and mining machinery. No. 8 is suitable for automatic transmission systems for cars, light passenger cars and light trucks.
Lubricating oil series hydraulic transmission oil implementation standards:
Corporate Standard Viscosity grades are available on the 6th and 8th