Worm gear oil L-CKE

Worm gear oil L-CKE

Product Details

Zhuo Li lubrication worm gear oil L-CKE main performance:
Zhuoli's lubricating worm gear oil L-CKE is formulated with deep refined mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbons added with multifunctional high-efficiency compound additives. It has good lubricating properties and anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties; it has a low friction coefficient; Good shear resistance, good demulsibility, good viscosity and good foam resistance. Meets the US AGMA250.04Comp and MIL-1-15019E6135 specifications.
Zhuo Li Lubricated Worm Gear L-CKE Main Uses:
Zhuoli's Lubricated Worm Gear L-CKE is mainly used for copper-steel paired cylindrical and double-enclosed types of worm gears that are light-loaded, smooth and shock-free in transmission, including gears and plain bearings and cylinders of the equipment. Lubrication of components such as clutches, and lubrication of other mechanical equipment operating in humid environments, such as gearboxes used in the polyester textile industry, ship worm gears and other gearbox combinations.
Zhuoli's lubricating worm gear oil L-CKE performs the standard:
L-CKE of SH/T0094-91. Viscosity grades are 220, 320, 460, 680.