Turbine oil L-TSA

Turbine oil L-TSA

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Lubricating Oil Series Turbine Oil L-TSA Overview:
Turbine oil, also known as turbine oil, usually includes steam turbine oil, gas turbine oil, hydro turbine oil and anti-oxygen turbine oil, etc. It is mainly used for sliding bearings, reduction gears, governors and hydraulic control systems of turbine oils and associated motives. Lubrication. The role of turbine oil is mainly lubrication, cooling and speed regulation.
Main performance of lubricating oil series turbine oil L-TSA:
It is made of highly refined high viscosity index mineral oil as base oil and added with imported high-efficiency compound additive. It has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion and oxidation stability, good viscosity-temperature performance and excellent anti-emulsification performance.
Lubricating oil series Turbine oil L-TSA main use:
Applicable to power, marine and other industrial steam turbines, turbines I industry drive devices and their associated control systems, ship drives that do not need to improve gear load capacity. Suitable for steam turbines that are directly or geared to the load.
Lubricating oil series Turbine oil L-TSA implementation standards:
GB11120-2011 Turbine oil L-TSA turbine oil. The viscosity grades are 32, 46, 68, and the quality grades are grade A and grade B.