Refrigeration oil L-DRB

Refrigeration oil L-DRB

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Zhuoli Refrigeration Company Refrigeration Oil L-DRB Overview:
According to the difference between the structure and working principle of the freezer, it is similar to the air compressor, and can be divided into several types, such as piston type, screw type and centrifugal type. Freezers are an important part of compression refrigeration equipment.
The working medium of the freezer is the refrigerant that carries the task of transferring heat in the refrigeration system. The commonly used refrigerants are: Freon, ammonia, lithium bromide, methyl chloride, etc. Among them, Freon has different gasification temperature and chemical formula. Fluorine 11 (R-11), fluorine 12 (R-12), fluorine 13 (R-13), fluorine 21 (R-21), fluorine 22 (R-22), fluorine 113 (R-113), fluorine 114 (R-114), fluorine 142 (R-142) and the like. The above refrigerant can be used for low pressure (condensation pressure less than 0.3-0.3 MPa) high temperature (evaporation temperature greater than 0 ° C), medium pressure (condensation pressure 1-2 MPa) medium temperature (evaporation temperature 0-50 ° C) and high pressure (condensation pressure) More than 2 MPa) in a refrigeration system with a low temperature (evaporation temperature less than -50 ° C).
The main performance of Zhuolili Lubricating Oil L-DRB:
It is prepared by adding highly refined mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbon oil as base oil and adding high-efficiency compound additive. It has good viscosity-temperature and low-temperature properties, good chemical stability and thermal oxidation stability, and good lubricity. Not compatible with refrigerant ammonia. Meet the German DIN51503-1 specifications.
Zhuo Li Lubricant Company's main purpose of refrigeration oil L-DRB:
Applicable to full-liquid evaporators with ammonia as refrigerant, open or semi-hermetic compressors, ordinary refrigerators and air conditioners with operating temperatures > - 40'C. Used in industrial and commercial refrigeration.
Zhuoli Refrigeration Company's refrigeration engine oil L-DRB implementation standards:
GB/T16630-.2012. Viscosity grades are 15, 22, 32, 46, 68.