Air compressor oil L-DAB

Air compressor oil L-DAB

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Industrial special oil air compressor oil L-DAB principle:
Apparent phenomena caused by friction, such as high temperature, high pressure, noise, and abrasion. Among them, the most harmful ones are wear, wear and abrasion, abrasive wear, corrosion and wear, surface fatigue and other types, which directly affect the normal operation and even failure of mechanical equipment.
The function of the air compressor oil is to form a protective film between the two friction pairs to avoid direct contact between the metal and the metal, thereby buffering the frictional force, lubricating, reducing wear and protecting the normal operation of the machine. The protective film may be a physical adsorption film, or a chemical adsorption film or an oxide film, and the thickness and strength of the film directly affect the lubrication.
The lubricating effect of common air compressor oil is mainly to form an oil film between the friction surfaces for protection. The lubrication theory of air compressor oil relies on the additive to form an adsorption film on the friction surface to protect the base oil itself as an additive carrier and The sealing effect between the friction surfaces, the lubrication of the oil film has been relegated to the secondary position. Industrial special oil air compressor oil L-DAB Main performance:
Industrial special oil air compressor oil L-DAB is prepared by adding highly refined hydrogenated mineral oil as base oil to imported high-efficiency compound additive. It has excellent oxidation stability, rust and corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and good Oil-water separation; good viscosity-temperature performance, low volatility, and low carbon deposition tendency. Meet the German DIN51506-85 specifications.
Industrial special oil air compressor oil L-DAB main use:
Suitable for reciprocating or drip rotating (slide) type medium duty air compressors.
Industrial special oil air compressor oil L-DAB implementation standards:
L-DAB of GB12691-90. Viscosity grades are 32, 46, 68, 100, 150.