High temperature chain oil

High temperature chain oil

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Zhuoli Oil Company's high temperature chain oil introduction:
High-temperature chain oil is a patented synthetic multi-functional lubricant containing PTFE lubricant particles. The product is especially suitable for precision instruments, mechanical parts under high temperature conditions, heavy-duty high-load equipment. Shubo Run's fully synthetic high temperature carbon-free chain oil is a safe food grade lubricant. The US Science Foundation (NSF) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are rated H-1. This product can effectively prevent friction and wear, rust, corrosion, extend the life of the machine, reduce the maintenance period and increase productivity. Does not cause damage to metal, rubber, plastic, wood, leather, paint, and fiber surfaces.
Zhuoli lubricants high temperature chain oil main performance:
It is made of high-quality and high-viscosity mineral oil with chemical stability and is prepared by adding various high-efficiency additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-rust, extreme pressure and anti-wear. It has good high-temperature lubrication performance, extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, and good anti-rust. Anti-corrosion performance, good adhesion, excellent high temperature oxidation stability and thermal stability; high flash point, low evaporation loss; not easy to coke,
Durable and easy to clean.
Zhuo Li Lubricant Company's main use of high temperature chain oil:
It is suitable for lubrication of textile, printing and dyeing industry heat setting machine, stretch tenter, chain drive of plastics and building materials industry and other similar machinery. It is used for equipment with a milder working environment.
Zhuoli Oil Company's high temperature chain oil implementation standards: corporate standards