Engineering excavator special oil

Engineering excavator special oil

Product Details

Main performance of engineering excavator special oil :
Superior lubrication and anti-wear performance, excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion, slow down equipment wear and extend equipment life;
Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, long service life of oil, more than 3,000 hours of use;
Excellent low temperature fluidity and low temperature startability, excellent viscosity temperature performance.
Excellent hydrolysis stability, excellent water separation performance, excellent filterability;
Excellent shear stability, excellent foam resistance and air release;
Greatly solved the problem of fretting wear;
Good compatibility with sealing materials.
Main purpose of engineering excavator special oil :
Applicable to the hydraulic system of various types of imported and domestic excavators such as Komatsushan Push, Volvo, Carter, Hitachi, Big Character, Hyundai, Kobelco, Kato, Sumitomo, and Rex.
Excavator special oil execution standard:
GB 11118. 1 -2011. Viscosity grade: 32, 46, 68