Quenching oil

Quenching oil

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Overview of Aerospace Zhuoli Hardening Oil:
The quenching oil has insufficient cooling capacity in the range of 550 to 650 ° C, and the average cooling rate is only 60 to 100 ° C / s. However, in the range of 200 to 300 ° C, the slow cooling rate is very suitable for quenching. The oil is used for alloy steel and small-section carbon steel quenching, which can obtain satisfactory hardenability and hardenability, and prevent cracking and deformation. In order to meet the heat treatment process requirements, the quenching oil should have the following characteristics: 1 higher flash point to reduce the risk of fire; 2 lower viscosity to reduce the loss of oil attached to the workpiece; 3 not easy to oxidize, performance Stable to slow down aging and extend service life.

The main performance of Aerospace Zhuoli hardening oil:
It is made of highly refined mineral oil as base oil, and is prepared by adding high-efficiency compound additive with anti-oxidation, cooling, brightening and other functions. It has strong cooling performance and good thermal oxidation stability.
The flash point and the ignition point are high, and the surface of the workpiece is bright after quenching.
The main purpose of aerospace Zhuoli hardening oil:
Ordinary quenching oil is mainly suitable for iron alloys with small size and good hardenability, such as small-size bearing steel and tool steel parts. It can be used for general quenching of salt bath furnace, box furnace and pit furnace. The ideal temperature of the oil is 50C ~ 80C, and the drunk high temperature does not exceed 80C. Quick quenching oil is suitable for quenching and tempering parts requiring high cooling rate, large forged parts, large gears and quenching bed quenching. Applicable F salt bath furnace, box furnace, pit furnace and continuous quenching furnace as quenching cooling medium. It can be used to process bearing steel, alloy structural steel, low carbon steel and other alloy steels. It is an ideal cooling medium for carburizing and carbonitriding quenching of medium and large parts and stacking parts. Ideal for use at temperatures 30-80C,
Can't exceed 90C. Ultra-speed quenching oil is suitable for large-scale parts of automobile, bearing, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery and tooling industry and parts with poor hardenability, such as heating quenching, carburizing or carbonitriding quenching, and also suitable for quenching of medium carbon steel and other types of alloy steel. . Fast Bright Quenching Oil is suitable for medium and poor hardenability materials and larger size parts to be quenched in a protective atmosphere. It is mainly used for the protection atmosphere quenching of automobile, tractor, bearing and textile machinery industry. Aerospace Zhuoli hardening oil can be used for car gear carburizing and carbonitriding quenching, and can also be used as cooling medium or other steel in the protective atmosphere F quenching. In a non-protective atmosphere furnace. The use temperature is 20~80C, and the drunk high oil temperature does not exceed 100C. When quenching oil is used, it is strictly forbidden to mix water and other oils. A small amount of water may seriously affect the surface condition of the quenched parts. Thoroughly clean the oil sump when changing oil.
Aerospace Zhuolili Quenching Oil Execution Standard: SH/T0564-93.