Transformer oil

Transformer oil

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The main role of Shanghai Zhuoli lubricant oil:
(1) Insulation: Transformer oil has a much higher dielectric strength than air. The insulating material is immersed in the oil, which not only improves the insulation strength, but also protects against moisture.
(2) Heat dissipation: Transformer oil has a large specific heat and is often used as a coolant. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer causes the oil close to the iron core and the winding to be heated and expanded. Through the convection of the oil, the heat is dissipated through the radiator to ensure normal operation of the transformer.
(3) Arc-extinguishing effect: On the on-load tap changer of the oil circuit breaker and the transformer, an arc is generated when the contacts are switched. Because the transformer oil has good thermal conductivity and can absorb a large amount of gas under the action of the high temperature of the arc, a large pressure is generated, thereby improving the arc extinguishing performance of the medium, and the arc is quickly extinguished.

Shanghai Zhuoli lubricant oil transformer main performance:
It is made of highly refined low-condensation mineral oil as base oil and is prepared by adding various high-efficiency additives. It has excellent oxidation stability and heat-dissipating cooling performance, excellent insulation performance and low-temperature flow performance.
Shanghai Zhuoli Lubricant Transformer Oil Main Uses:
It is suitable for oil-filled electrical equipment such as transformers, reactors, transformers, bushings, etc., for insulation and cooling.
Shanghai Zhuoli Lubricant Transformer Oil Execution Standard:
GB2536-2011. According to the different content of anti-oxidant additives, it is divided into two varieties: anti-oxidant additive oil U and micro-anti-oxidant additive oil T. According to the lowest cold operating temperature (LCSET), it is divided into five grades: 0C, -10C, one 20"C, -30C, -40"C.