Anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM

Anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM

Product Details

Industrial specialty oil anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM main performance:

It is made of high quality hydrogenated isomerized high viscosity index base oil and imported with imported multi-functional high-efficiency compound additive. It has excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties, good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, good oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Good viscosity-temperature performance, good anti-emulsification performance, good hydrolysis stability, good shear stability, good foam resistance and air release; good adaptability to sealing materials. Complies with DIN51524(II), NF E48-603, Denison HF-2, Denison HF-0.

Industrial specialty oil anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM main use:

It is suitable for medium and high pressure hydraulic systems with high anti-wear performance, such as hydraulic systems of various precision machine tools, construction machinery and vehicles. It can also be used for other medium-duty mechanical lubrication parts. Used in machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, material handling equipment, agricultural machinery, plastic processing machinery, metal processing, equipment, cement equipment, ships, etc.

Industrial professional oil anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM implementation standards:

L-HM (general) of GB11118.1-2011. Viscosity grades are 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150.